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Built For Personal Finance Coaches

Compliment Your Coaching Service & Create a New Income Source with Minimal Effort

Transform your coaching service into a consistent source of income by introducing a membership option. This strategy not only creates a valuable addition for your clients but also generates recurring income without demanding more of your time. It’s designed for easy implementation, ensuring you can get started without much heavy lifting.

Expand Your Coaching Reach with a Self-Paced Option

Enhance your coaching services with a self-paced financial education option, ideal for clients seeking an autonomous learning experience. This flexible addition diversifies your income and meets diverse client needs, allowing them to explore personal finance at their own pace, thereby broadening the appeal and accessibility of your services.

Level-up your Existing Coaching Service By Offering Clients Branded Apps, Calculators, Courses & Tools

Increase the value of your existing coaching services by integrating a white-label budgeting and debt management app, along with a range of calculators, courses and tools. These additions enrich your coaching proposition, offering clients more ways to manage their finances effectively under your guidance.

Attract Prospective Clients by Offering a Self-Paced Free Tier To Drive Signups & Engagement

Attract new clients and foster engagement by providing free, valuable personal finance tools. Our platform provides ready-to-use embeddable and shareable Calculators, tools & article content to not only establish trust among prospective clients but also serve as a compelling entry point into your coaching services, leading with value and expertise.


Membership Plan Builder

Turn On Recurring Income + Empower Your Members with Flexibility and Choice

Kickstart your member's journey with a complimentary free trial, allowing them to experience the value of their membership firsthand. Once the trial period is over, offer them a selection of customized paid plans designed to meet varying financial needs and objectives. This strategic approach not only showcases the full spectrum of your services but also ensures a fit for every budget, enhancing member satisfaction and retention.

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Coaching Profile

Personalize Your Coaching Impact

Provide a customized coaching experience for your members. Our platform allows you to create a coaching profile that outlines your expertise and approach. This transparency builds trust with your members and ensures they have a clear understanding of your professional background and coaching style.

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Unlimited Coaches

Expand Your Reach with Team-based Coaching

Empower a team of coaches to provide personalized advice and support to your members. With our platform, there is no limit to the number of coaches you can onboard. This flexibility allows you to scale your services and meet your members' diverse needs efficiently.

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Call Scheduling

Simplify Members Interactions with Seamless Scheduling Using Your Favorite Calendar Scheduling App Integration

Make it easy for your members to connect with you. Our platform features an integrated scheduling system that allows members to book a call at their convenience. This ease of use improves member satisfaction and ensures you can consistently provide timely financial guidance.

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Access Member Account Information

Deliver Tailored Advice with Complete Financial Overviews

Our platform allows you to access member account information securely, giving you an in-depth understanding of their financial status. With this knowledge, you can provide personalized advice and create financial plans that accurately reflect your members' needs and goals, enhancing the value of your services.

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Apps, Calculators & Decision Support Tools

Comprehensive Financial Tools at Your Members' Disposal

Enhance your members' financial literacy and independence with our extensive range of tools. From budgeting aids to investment calculators, our platform is equipped with everything your members need to manage their finances effectively. This comprehensive toolkit complements your advice and encourages members to take an active role in their financial wellness, increasing their engagement and satisfaction with your services.

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Content Library

Ready-to-Use Financial Content at Your Fingertips

Enhance your content offering with our expansive library, featuring over 200+ articles and more than 30+ expertly designed courses on key financial topics. Developed by financial education professionals, these resources cover everything from budgeting to investing. With our user-friendly article and course creators, you can effortlessly customize and extend these materials to your audience, providing tailored financial education and boosting your value proposition, all without the extra burden of content creation.

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