Financial Checkup Tool

Financial Wellness Score

A Gauge For Financial Health

The Financial Wellness Score equips members with an easy-to-interpret, alphabetized indicator of their fiscal fitness. This snapshot, reflecting the most recent data from member activities and financial behaviors, provides a periodic review that can track a member's progress over time. With each evaluation, members gain insights to guide their journey toward enhanced financial wellness.

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Score Breakdown

Identify Financial Understanding in Critical Areas

The 'Score Breakdown' feature offers members a segmented view of their financial health across key areas: habits, planning, retirement, and insurance. Each section is graded to reflect the member's current status, providing a nuanced understanding of where they excel and where there is room for improvement. This targeted feedback empowers members to focus their efforts and improve specific aspects of their financial wellness journey.

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Financial Checkup Questionnaire

Gauge Member's Financial Strengths in Vital Areas

The questionnaire delves into the crucial areas of habits, planning, retirement, and insurance, prompting members to provide information that shapes their financial narrative. The data collected from these key sectors is then analyzed to calculate a Financial Wellness Score, offering members a tangible representation of their financial health and guiding them towards targeted improvements.

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Personalized Action Steps for Financial Improvement

Tailored to member responses from the financial checkup survey, the 'Recommendations' section provides a curated list of actions designed to enhance specific aspects of a member's financial wellness. From exploring investment risks to boosting planning scores, these suggestions are geared towards fostering informed decisions and encouraging proactive financial management.

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