White-label Financial Wellness
For Retirement Plan Advisors

Simplify and scale participant education & engagement with our comprehensive financial wellness solution.

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Built For Retirement Plan Advisors

Address Participant Education + Delight Plan Sponsors

Participant engagement is crucial for plan sponsors, as it can help improve retention rates and ensure that their employees are making the most of their benefit offerings.

Scale Employee Benefit Communication and Support

Scaling employee benefit communication and support is a crucial component of successful plan management. Advisors can provide significant value to HR and plan sponsors by answering employee financial questions that HR may not be able to answer due to lack of expertise.

Fortify Client Retention + Grow Your Book of Business

By quantifying participant engagement for plan sponsors, advisors can demonstrate their value and drive client retention. Additionally, by offering a comprehensive financial wellness solution, advisors can build trust and attract new wealth management engagements to grow their book of business.

Customize Your Offering

As a plan advisor, your role is crucial in engaging clients on investments, plan design, compliance, and strategies. Keep control of your client relationships by offering a customized, white-labeled solution that fits their needs perfectly.


White Labeling

Personalize Your Platform

Make your financial wellness platform uniquely yours with our White Labeling feature. Easily upload your logo and choose your brand colors to customize the appearance of the platform. By tailoring the aesthetics, you strengthen your brand identity and provide a consistent brand experience to your clients.

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Course Content Library

Ready-to-Use Financial Education at Your Fingertips

Streamline your advisory service with our robust library of over 30 prebuilt courses. Each course is designed by financial education experts to cover essential financial topics, from budgeting to investing. This allows you to provide comprehensive financial education to your clients without investing extra time in creating content, thereby enhancing your value proposition.

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Financial Wellness Platform

Assess Client's Financial Wellness with Precision

Gain a deeper understanding of your clients' financial health with our insightful Financial Wellness Survey. This tool enables clients to provide important data about their financial habits, knowledge, and goals, allowing you to customize your advisory services to better fit their unique situations.

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Convert Survey Insights into Actionable Reports

Our platform transforms the data collected from the Financial Wellness Survey into clear, comprehensive reports. With this feature, you can easily analyze and track your clients' financial progress over time, ensuring your services continue to meet their evolving needs.

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