Embeddable & Shareable Widgets

Choose From 20+ Widgets

Select from a Variety of Interactive Financial Tools

Enhance your platform with our array of over 20 embeddable and shareable widgets, designed to engage users and promote growth. From calculators for 401k and car loans to promotional banners and email signup forms, our widgets are crafted to integrate seamlessly into your site, driving both user interaction and subscription rates.

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Easy Integration

Instantly Add Financial Tools to Your Site

Integration is super easy, allowing you to enhance your site with financial calculators & tools through a simple copy-paste of code. Embed any widget with ease, and offer your visitors a suite of free tools.

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Shareable With A Link

Expand Your Reach with Sharable Financial Widgets

Distribute your financial tools directly through shareable links. This approach bypasses the need for website embedding, facilitating instant access to resources. It's a perfect strategy for enhancing digital outreach and member engagement without any website modifications.

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Embed On Your Site

Level-up The Value of Your Site Instantly with Financial Tools

Elevate the utility of your website with minimal effort by embedding our comprehensive range of financial widgets. These tools are not only easy to integrate but also significantly enhance the value your site provides, offering visitors sophisticated financial planning capabilities within the familiar interface of your digital presence.

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