Our Business Is No Longer Using Facebook

Taking a brief break from personal finance for an update on our communication plans. We’re breaking up with Facebook, it’s clear it’s become an entirely one way relationship, and I don’t think we should put any more effort into it, until it changes. I know there are things we can do to make it better, but frankly I think there’s more value focusing on other things, and I don’t see the point of putting a disproportionate amount of effort into something that has marginal value to our customers.

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What is Carryover All About?

Sometimes our budgets don’t go EXACTLY as planned. Ok, actually pretty much never do they go exactly as planned. So what do you do when you budget $600 for Groceries, but only spend $400? Or worse, you budget $600 and spend $700?

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New Security Feature: Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor authentication for your personal finances

I’ve mentioned it a few times, but it’s worth repeating again. Your data security is our number one priority here at BudgetSimple (customer service is number two in case you were curious). To that end, we’ve added another way to further protect your account today, two factor authentication.

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