Feature Friday: Money Saving and Earning Tips

As we continue to improve BudgetSimple, our focus is “How can we help you optimize your finances?”. This week, we launched a new feature, automated financial tips.

The way this works: we look at your budgeted categories, the amount you spend in them, whether you overspend and many other factors to generate financial tips tailored for your specific financial situation. These tips are almost entirely things I’ve personally used or recommend to others, here’s an example of one that can appear if you’re over your Restaurants/Dining budget

Groceries Tip

But it’s not just limited to savings, we also have tips on earning more money

Earning Tip

The “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” will help us improve these over time. If you are finding them helpful, we’ll provide more, and if you give it a thumbs down, you’ll never see that tip again.

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