Spread The Word About BudgetSimple!

You’ve wrote and told us how much you love BudgetSimple, but why not benefit from letting your friends and family know too? Today we’ve launched our referral program that will let you and the person you refer each get a month of BudgetSimple Plus for free.

How does it work? When you login to BudgetSimple you’ll see an option to “Refer a Friend”, under the Tips section on the right. Here you’ll be able to click to get a special link, unique to you, which you can send to friends. If they sign up with your special link, we will give them their first month of BudgetSimple Plus for free (or $4.99 off if they sign up for a year or life).

This special code will also let us know they were referred by you, and if they stay a Plus subscriber for more than a month, you’ll receive a credit for $4.99 to your account too!

This is a new experiment for us, and we may only support this for a limited time. Let us know what you think!