Budgeting for the New Year – Keeping Resolutions!

As we roll over to a new year, it s not only interesting to look at the past year, but crucial for figuring out our budget for the current year. At the end of every fiscal year, corporations look at how money was spent and allocated from the previous year to set budgets for the next year, and I don t think a family s budget should be treated any different.

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Monthly Carryover

This is part 2 of an ongoing series of posts about how to use BudgetSimple to manage your budget. Please read part 1 first.

In our first example we ended up the month over budget. I suspect this is the most common reality of people s first month in BudgetSimple. If you are under budget, great! Put the extra money in savings, or pay down a credit card. But the trickier question is what do we do when you are over budget.

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