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The Scary Stats on Student Debt

The latest news and statistics on student debt is pretty grim, and whilst the US leads the way due to having the most expensive education fees, students around the world continue to graduate with both a degree and an increasing amount of debt. In...

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Budgeting for Life’s Emergencies

It happens to the all of us. We go from month to month diligently planning our spending, category by category, tracking where the money goes, not over doing it, debt is being paid off, savings are on target and then… WHAM!! Out of left field...

“Spend what is left after saving“

Warren Buffet

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How I Use BudgetSimple

I created BudgetSimple around a budgeting philosophy my wife and I had used in Excel.  Something I’ve realized over the years is that there is basically no one right way to budget, so some people come to BudgetSimple confused about how it...

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Revisiting Your Budget

With all of the changes life can throw your way, it’s a good idea to review your budget from time to time to be sure that it still works for your current needs.

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Avoiding Budget Busters

When I review my budget each month, I try to make up for any discrepancies that may have occurred in the month prior, and I make adjustments as needed. Sometimes, though, sneaky little things make their way in and create a small leak in my finances...