Inspirational Budget

One of the really great things about the work we do at BudgetSimple is hearing about inspirational stories of how budgeting has changed someone’s life. Many times people have often just stumbled onto budgeting as a concept and after one or two missteps have really embraced the processes. I think we can agree that budgeting isn’t a lot of work, but it’s the persistence that counts and that will make real change in people’s lives. Here’s one that we saw recently…

I’m siting in my car right now, outside of my lawyer’s office waiting for the time to come in which I will close on my first home.

I’m a single mother who had absolutely nothing when I got divorced 5 years ago. I took the first crappy job that would hire me, got the experience I needed to get a better one and repeated the process three more times. I work full time now at a job I love, making more money than I ever did before, which used to be only a few dollars over minimum wage.

In the last year I started living on a budget. And because of sticking to it, even though life sucked sometimes because of it, here I am about to buy a condo in my own name.

My daughter and I won’t have to keep moving every year. I can finally provide her with the stability she deserves.

I can’t express in words how satisfying this is and how proud of myself I am.

Its been a long processes for me to realise that owning a home, even on my small salary and just by myself is achievable. It really is! I just had to believe in myself and work hard. If I can do it anybody can.

Set your goal and make it happen.