Cheap Date Ideas: Spend Time Together Without Spending Money

With a new baby at home, it can be tough for us to find time to spend together as a couple. With additional expenses that come with having a baby, it can be even tougher to fit a night out into our budget. I’ve been on the hunt for cheap and creative ways to spend time together without spending a fortune, and I’m sharing 50 of my favorites that I’ve come across. Keep them in mind the next time you’re planning something fun to do with your partner!

  1. Cook a fancy meal together.
  2. Watch your favorite movies.
  3. Go for a hike or a walk in the park.
  4. Have a picnic.
  5. Explore the farmers market together, and try a new fruit or vegetable.
  6. Visit the museum (preferably on free museum day!).
  7. Play a board game.
  8. Pal up with your partner for trivia nights in neighborhood bars.
  9. Create your own city tour, and visit historic landmarks.
  10. Pick a documentary, and discuss it after watching.
  11. Read a book together and discuss it, like your own little book club.
  12. Volunteer together at the pound, homeless shelter, or your favorite nonprofit.
  13. Stargaze and try to name the constellations you’re staring at with the help of an app or book.
  14. Go fruit picking at a local farm.
  15. Plan a future trip together.
  16. Visit the library.
  17. Bike around the city.
  18. Check out a panoramic view of your city from a tall building.
  19. Make desserts for each other.
  20. Become a kid again, and play games at the arcade.
  21. Go to the drive-in movies.
  22. Visit the zoo.
  23. Go to a jazz bar.
  24. Build a puzzle together.
  25. Go to a local festival.
  26. Visit a flea market or thrift store, and try to find things you can restore together.
  27. Walk around Ikea and get a meal there after exploring.
  28. Miniature golf.
  29. Attend a tasting of your favorite liquor or wine.
  30. Check out an art exhibit.
  31. Make a scrapbook of your best memories together.
  32. Take a dance class.
  33. Go to ’80s or ’90s night at a club or bar in your city, and dress up in clothes from that era.
  34. Take a scenic drive.
  35. Play video games from your childhood.
  36. Go to an airport, and watch planes take off together.
  37. Make and experiment with cocktails.
  38. Go on a coffee shop date.
  39. Visit movie locations in your city, and watch the movies after your tour.
  40. Do a spa night at home.
  41. Learn a new skill together from YouTube tutorials.
  42. Start watching a TV series together.
  43. Watch a play together.
  44. Go open-house-hopping together.
  45. Visit a candy store or ice cream parlor.
  46. Watch a sports game together.
  47. Go on a bus or train and get off at a random destination, then spend time exploring that neighborhood.
  48. Watch a sporting event together.
  49. Attend a home repair workshop at your local hardware store.
  50. Learn a language together.