Saving Money on Mom

Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday. Have you planned anything special? I’m so excited to be celebrating for the first time this year! Like many holidays, you can celebrate without spending a small fortune and still brighten your mom’s day.Check out a few of these ideas to consider to honor the woman that brought you into the world!

1. Get crafty. Homemade gifts are my favorite, because they’re usually the most thoughtful! Pinterest offers an abundance of cheap, easy ideas for any level of creativeness, and sometimes you can use items you already have at home! I like to make things my mom can keep on display at home with the hopes that everyone will ask who created this perfect piece of art it’ll remind her of me.

2. Picnic in the park. Pack a lunch and head out for an afternoon in the park, where there are bound to be a number of free activities to take advantage of together.

3. Make a photo collage. Our family loves to look through old photos and reminisce about when we were little. Frame a collection of some memorable moments from long ago for your mom to keep in a visible place to remind her of the happiness you all share.

4. Do some housework. Volunteer to do tasks around the house to save Mom the trouble. Mow the lawn, do the dishes, clean out the garage – chances are, she has a never-ending to-do list that you could help out with, and she would be forever grateful.

5. Create something in the kitchen. Instead of going out to dinner, cook Mom a nice meal that your family shares together. Maybe surprise her with breakfast in bed. Instead of boxed chocolates, bake her some homemade cookies or a cake.

6. Spend time together. This is one of the most simple yet most cherished gifts you could give, especially if you don’t see each other often. Go for a walk or watch a movie together, or simply have a chat over coffee. She’ll be happy just to have a little extra quality time with the ones she loves most.

How will you celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day? What are some of your favorite things to do together?