25 Ways to Skip on Spending

I remember being younger and always complaining to my mom that I had nothing to do. She always met my chorus of “I’m booorrrreedddd” with pretty unique ideas for things to do without much money, since I didn’t exactly have much of an income. Some of these things are still pretty relevant today (except now I complain to my husband instead of my mom). There are a ton of things to do without spending much, if any, money. Check out these 25 suggestions for free or nearly-free ways to entertain yourself! Some ideas are more fun than others, but all are easy on your budget.

1. Visit a local park

2. Take a walk

3. Clean your house

4. Play a board game

5. Watch television

6. Read books or magazines at the library

7. Take a nap

8. Listen to music

9. Try out a new hobby

10. Invite friends over for a potluck

11. Get crafty with things you already have in your home

12. Try out a new recipe

13. Take a free class offered in your neighborhood

14. Rearrange your furniture

15. Sort through old clothes and donate what you no longer wear

16. Plant a garden

17. Go for a bike ride

18. Color or draw

19. Take advantage of free or discounted days at nearby museums

20. Volunteer for a local organization

21. Call to catch up with a friend

22. Get a workout in

23. Have a yard sale (save AND make money!)

24. Take a relaxing bath

25. Sew (or learn how to!)

Have more ideas for frugal fun? Share them with us!