Skills For Saving

So many of us lead busy, bustling lives nowadays, and it’s hard to find enough time in the day to finish all that we need to. Sometimes this can lead to extra “convenience” spending in order to have someone else take care of things that we could probably do on our own. Consider making more of an effort to try your hand at do-it-yourself projects.

Learning a few new skills could result in tons of extra savings in the long run. Here are a few ideas to try on for size. Sometimes it can be a little intimidating to learn some of the more challenging DIY skills, but many of these are pretty simple.

1. How to negotiate – We touched more on this here. From your monthly cable bill to purchasing a car, you could save yourself hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars, especially over the course of a year or so, by asking for a better price. You never know what kind of deal you can get until you ask, so it’s always worth a shot.

2. How to cook – Dining out multiple times per week can really take a toll on your finances. Learn to prepare quick, easy, and tasty meals to take for lunch or make for dinner (bonus points if you make enough for leftovers!). Find a few fast things you can prepare that you love, and “not having enough time” is no longer an excuse!

3. How to sew – Sewing is something that I see passed down from generation to generation less and less often. I’m 26 years old, and I still don’t know how to correctly sew a button onto a shirt, so I need to take my own advice here. Learning to make minor repairs or alterations can save you from having to spend extra money at the dry-cleaner on things that are easy to do on your own. (When all else fails, ask your mom for help!)

4. How to do your taxes – There are a ton of ways to file your taxes online that offer step-by-step instructions to help you along the way. It’s not necessary to pay someone to do it for you when it’s becoming more and more simple to do it on your own. Find more ways to save during tax season here.

5. How to do home improvement – Learning how to take care of minor home repairs can save you a small fortune. Knowing how to fix a leaky faucet or patch a hole in the wall means you don’t have to call a handyman for every problem you come across, and you won’t have to dish out extra cash. For more complex problems, like electrical issues, be sure to use your best judgement and make safety a priority.

6. How to change your oil – This is probably one of the more simple aspects of car care that you can handle on your own. Oil changes are called for every three months or so. Learning to do it yourself could save you a few hundred dollars every year.

Learning to do things for yourself can save you a pretty penny, but there are also a ton of things you can do to earn money, as well! Check out our post on ways to make extra money.