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Hello everyone, my name is Jared. There is a lot of emphasis online about retired at 30! Well I’m 31, and not retired. In fact, my goal has always been to have the option to retire by 45 from the time I started working. I have a wife, and two young boys. I know I am not going to retire in my early 30’s because I have a family to raise and bills to pay, but my goal of 45 is still in sight. This blog is to document my journey to finding financial independence while having dependents and offering tips and interesting ideas to you. I started with nothing, and have been working since I was 12. My first job was working teaching kids how to swim at the local swim club, from there I moved on to working in fast food, busing tables at a nice Italian restaurant, and eventually working as an apprentice electrician. I acquired my Journeyman Electrical License at the age of 22. Most recently I work in Construction Management overseeing the daily construction of various project types.

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