Stretching Your Dollars on Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are some of the most expensive things we keep around our house. A box of laundry detergent could easily be your most expensive purchase. For large families, these costs can really start to add up. So what’s the solution, let things get dirty?

What I do, is simply stretch the life of the products out. Usually you’ll receive recommended usage sizes for things like laundry detergent (they’ll give you a handy cup to measure). Try using a little less each time until you find the ideal amount. I’ve found the amount they give you is always more then you need to get your clothes clean.

The same applies for dishwashing detergent, you don’t always need to fill the whole cup! Just use half, and my dishes almost always come out just as clean.

Other ways to stretch products are to water them down. When you have a bottle of cleaning solution or Windex, and it gets down to half way, fill a quarter of the bottle with water. In my experience it still works just as well (no surprise as water makes up a large portion of the ingredients to begin with).

It’s also worth looking into refillable solutions. If you are buying a whole new spray bottle of cleaning solution each time, it’s likely you can save money by just buying a big container of the solution without the spraying apparatus, and refill it yourself.

These may seem like small things, but I guarantee it adds up! You’ll also produce less waste and use less chemicals overall, a win for everyone (except the cleaning product companies)!