Spring Break On A Budget

Since I work at a university, I still operate on a school-year schedule, and I tend to get anxious for a break this time of the year. All of our students will be heading home (or even better, someplace warmer) for the next week and a half, and I can’t help but wish I was going somewhere exciting, as well. With baby coming any day now, it doesn’t look like a trip is anywhere in my near future, but I will be getting a break of sorts for the next few months (depending on if you count sleepless nights with a newborn as a “break”). I’ve been trying to think of affordable ways to pass the time while I’m at home, and I realized college kids on Spring Break with a limited budget might be thinking of the same things! I’ve started to put together a list of wallet-friendly ways to stay entertained at home. Keep these in mind when you need something fun to do but have limited traveling funds!

1. Go to a matinee movie.

2. Read a book.

3. Start a new series on Netflix.

4. Exercise.

5. Try a new restaurant.

6. Explore a local museum.

7. Take a day trip to a landmark in your state.

8. Try out new hair or makeup looks.

9. Test out a new dinner or dessert recipe.

10. Invite your friends over.

11. Play a board game.

12. Plan a day at the spa.

13. Invest in an adult coloring book and some markers or crayons.

14. Start a DIY project – roam through a craft store for inspiration.

15. Check out your local thrift store for any deals.

16. Clean and organize your house.

17. Volunteer at a local shelter.

18. Complete a giant puzzle.

19. Mix a new cocktail.

20. Go wine-tasting at a local winery.

21. Window-shop at the mall.

22. Dig out your old video games.

23. Plant flowers (weather permitting).

24. Tend to any home repairs you’ve been avoiding.

25. Take a nap or spend time mindfully resting.

26. Re-arrange your furniture.

27. Visit family members or friends you haven’t seen in a while.

28. Sample treats at a local bakery.

29. Go for a walk.

30. Learn a new skill.