Personal Finances for Military Families

It can be both rough and rewarding to be in a family where a spouse is deployed overseas with the military. There are so many sources of stress that you shouldn’t let your personal finances be one of them.

We’ve noticed over the years that a sizable portion of our users are from military families, so I started to investigate why BudgetSimple is so useful for those in the military.

  1. It keeps the lines of communication open. Since BudgetSimple is cloud based, it’s easy for both the deployed member and the family at home to keep an eye on the family finances.
  2. Military finances lend themselves well to budgeting. Salaries, housing, etc… are a little more dependable in the military. It’s also more important to budget because often the pay is not as high as the private sector.
  3. The Military teaches discipline, and being disciplined about your finances makes the return home much more rewarding.

If you’re a member of the military (or a spouse), check out our free budgeting solution and worry about the more important things.