Couponing – It’s Free Money.

If I said that you could make $100 this week by working only one hour, you’d probably take me up that gig right? And yet, every day most of us are simply too lazy to clip and use coupons, which can quite easily knock $100 or more off our grocery bill.

You don’t have to be an Extreme Couponerto take advantage of coupons. You typically just need to invest in a Sunday newspaper, which will be filled with coupons.

Spend an hour each Sunday looking through for products you use, clip them and use them next time you’re at the grocery store (and actually there are lots of coupons for things beyond the Grocery store as well, like Target).

Find out if your store offers any additional incentives. Some stores will accept other stores coupons, or have double or triple coupon days. This all varies from store to store, so ask around in your community who has the best deals.

Although clipping coupons from the newspaper is the traditional way to get started, thanks to the Internet, it’s even easier to coupon! There are tons of deals and coupons available right now! Follow some of the great blogs dedicated to the best deals, such as The Krazy Coupon Lady or Fabulessly Frugal. Not only do they discuss some of the hot coupons going around (yes there is such a thing), but also they typically link directly to coupons.

Hope this gets you started thinking about the money you can save with Couponing. If you find any great deals, let us know on Twitter.