BudgetSimple's Security

The security of your data is our number one concern. Every feature we build, we design with security in mind first. We offer bank level security, and pay independent security consultants to both audit and attempt to breach our site in an effort to secure our data on a regular basis. We offer rewards for anyone reporting security breaches or concerns to budgetsimple@budgetsimple.com [1][2]

We're also the only personal finance app that allows you to setup two-factor authentication, giving you maximum protection for your financial data.

Specific Details

[1]Security Bounty Details- DDoS and automated scanners will not be tolerated, please arrange with us in advance for this type of testing. In the event of multiple reports for the same issue, we can only reward the first person to report it.

[2]Security Bounty Update- Our program is currently on hold and not paying out rewards as we assess our security protocols.