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Hey There Partner!

Thanks for your interest in our program Рwe have built out a fantastic (and free) program to help amplify personal finance creators and thier content to benefit our audience and user base.

We have a bunch of ways to work with us that we have detailed below.

Claim your profile and get listed in our directory

Our directory gives our audience and user base a way to find content within the personal finance community that they are interested in. Additionally it gives new content creators and thought leaders in the personal finance space a way to promote their content to our readers.

Key Benefits:

  • SEO brand presence – users looking for your content on google and other search engines see that you are featured on
  • Drive new website traffic and expand your audience – Your feed is automatically featured on your profile which drives new traffic to your content

Get interviewed Personal Finance Interview for

We have put together a highly engaging set of personal finance questions to help introduce you and your background to our audience. Once you complete our interview, we then publish the content on your profile page and promote it to our audience. Below are some example interviews that we have done recently:

FraidyCat Finance

Financial Liberty

Place a badge on your site to drive audience trust

We encourage all of our partners to drop a badge on your site (or anywhere else). We have found it helps drive trust via social proof with readers, check out the following link to get more detailed data on why badges are important ( If you need some help on where to place your badge or if you need some technical assistance, let us know and we can have our web team jump in, just shoot us an e-mail at [email protected].

Download here:

Guest posting on the blog

Interested in guest posting on the blog? We have two ways we work with partners to promote their writing to our audience:

    1. Monthly Guestpost Topics – We will email out to all of our partners a set of topics that we have identified as important to our audience. You can then reply to the email letting us know you are interested. We generally have 2-4 slots per guestpost per week. Each months topics are then published the following month.
    2. Send us a topic you would like to cover – We love getting content ideas from our partners, it creates a great feedback loop with our partners looking to expand their audience and acts as a great opportunity to expand the conversation on personal finance topics with our user base and audience. You can send your proposal here: [email protected].

Promote your content

Got new content you want to promote? Let us know: [email protected]

Your very own Partnership Manager

After signing up – you will get an e-mail from one of our partnership managers – they will help you get the most out of the program.

Key benefits:

  • Getting your profile setup and interview published
  • Editorial and scheduling of guest posts
  • Technical assistance with installing our badge
  • Promotion and marketing recommendations


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