Thrifty Gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday. Have you planned anything special? Like many holidays, you can celebrate without spending a small fortune and still brighten your mom’s day. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Do some housework. Let mom relax! I bet she’d love if you did the dishes or a few loads of laundry. There are probably a number of things she’s been meaning to take care of around the house, so volunteer to do them for her.

Create something in the kitchen. Instead of going out to dinner, cook Mom a nice meal that your family shares together. Maybe surprise her with breakfast in bed. Instead of boxed chocolates, bake her some homemade cookies or a cake.

Stop to smell the roses. Instead of buying flowers at the store, pick a bouquet of wildflowers and put them in a nice vase on the kitchen table. You could also plant some flowers or herbs in a small pot to give to her. She’ll think of you as they grow on the windowsill.

Take a walk down memory lane. Buy your mom a photo album and fill it with photos of special memories you both share – family trips, birthdays, anything you can think of that will make her smile. *Note: taking an ACTUAL walk together on a sunny spring afternoon is also a great idea!

DIY. There are a ton of do-it-yourself gift ideas online that you can make yourself, often with items you might already have at home (Pinterest, anyone?). Make Mom a handmade card with fancy paper or card stock. Make her a body scrub to use in a relaxing bath. Decorate a plain picture frame for her to put on a shelf or hang on the wall.

Catch a flick. Head to the movie theater to see something Mom has been wanting to see. If you go to a matinee showing, you’ll save a few bucks, and then you’ll have the rest of the afternoon to spend together.

Give the gift of time. Moms can be very busy people; they have a 24-hour job. She might enjoy just having some time to herself without having to worry about anything else. Ask her first if she might enjoy some quiet time before planning anything together.

Tell her what she wants to hear. Every mom just wants to know that she’s loved and appreciated. Write her a special letter or poem to let her know just that! This will mean more to her than anything you could ever buy in a store.