Spring Cleaning

It’s finally starting to feel more like spring instead of winter, and I’m anxiously awaiting the moment that I can open all of my windows and let fresh air into the house. This is usually the time that I start to pack away cold-weather items and clean spaces from top to bottom. Once I get going, I almost always end up with a pile of things in the corner of the room that I don’t want or use anymore, and I dread dragging it all down to storage (I’ve even pitched things out of pure laziness before). Now others have looked at my piles o’ stuff and wondered why in the world I wanted to get rid of some of the things I was kicking to the curb (I used to have a horrible habit of getting rid of clothes with the price tags still attached, never worn because I had “changed my mind”), and I realized, “Hey, maybe someone else would want this stuff.” And it turns out they do! One person’s “trash” can definitely be another’s treasure, so think twice before you toss out last season’s sweaters or an outdated television. Not only will you have more room in your house, but more money in your pocket!

What can I sell? You can literally sell just about anything as long as someone out there is willing to buy it. I’ve sold things like clothing, purses, jewelry, furniture, phones, computers, and cars. I even sold my wedding dress! You’re more likely to sell if the item is in-demand (my Coach bags always shipped out within a day), but don’t let that hold you back. If you’re looking to sell current (probably not vintage) collectors’ items, I would say be wise. If it’s not likely to increase in value over the next year, get rid of it while it’s worth something. I always think back to the tragic Beanie Baby saga – I had some that people were actually willing to pay hundreds of dollars for, and we kept them with the hopes that we could get even more in the future. And now? They’re stored in bins in my attic, and I doubt they’re even worth the original sticker price. If you’re willing to part with it, get rid of it! *Disclaimer: do some research before selling any vintage collectibles or antiques – some of them can be worth serious cash now, or even more later!

Where can I sell it? I’ve had the most success selling items online on sites like Craigslist. My employer also has an “internal Craigslist” of sorts that allows employees to post items for sale that are only visible to others within our corporation. Flea markets are another great option. My parents clean out our family home every spring and take everything we put aside throughout the year, and they spend a few Saturday and Sunday mornings camped out and ready to haggle prices. Very rarely do they bring anything back home. If you have enough stuff that you’d like to get rid of, you might even consider having a yard sale. Team up with a friend or neighbor to help attract a larger audience, and your odds of sales will increase.*If you’ve sold an item online and you’re meeting someone in person to make the transaction, always meet in a public place, and take a friend if you can. I’ve always done this and never had an issue, but there are some real crazies out there. Beware!

Remember that you probably won’t get face value, or even close to it, when you’re re-selling old things, but in the end, you’ll have more than you started with, and someone else will feel a bit richer because of it. Hopefully you will too!