Spooky Savings

I’m so excited that October is finally here! It’s one of my favorite months – the weather gets comfortably cooler, and we get to enjoy what feels like the last of the sunshine before winter comes. Halloween is also one of my favorite holidays, so I love to look for little ways to celebrate all month long. We tend to fill our fall days with pumpkin carving, haunted houses, parties, and candy, but all of these fun extras can start to take a toll on your budget. Here are some awesome ways to save money while still enjoying the Halloween season…

Create your own costume. One of my favorite parts of Halloween is coming up with a creative, homemade costume for both myself and my husband (which usually takes some convincing on his part). We usually go to a couple different parties at friends’ houses, and sometimes venture out to the nightlife scene the weekend before, so I like to think of ideas that are clever or will make people laugh. I almost always use things I find around my house, or things I can purchase for cheap at the costume store. I’ve found some great, cheap props at the Dollar Store and local discount craft stores, as well.

Save on candy. If you’ll be passing out goodies to Trick-or-Treaters, you’ll save money by buying candy in bulk. Wholesale stores like Sam’s Club, Costco, or Gordon’s Food Service are great options for this. If you opt to hand out salty treats (things like bags of chips or pretzels), go the same bulk route and check for cheaper store-brand alternatives.

Host or attend a party. Halloween parties hosted by local bars or organizations can get expensive fast, taking into account cover charges in addition to food and drink costs. Going to a friend’s house or inviting guests over is a cheaper alternative. Have everyone bring food or drinks to share, and screen some classic scary movies for entertainment. Free internet radio sites like Pandora offer spooky soundtracks to set the mood for the evening. Create a festive atmosphere with cheap (hit up that Dollar Store again) or homemade decorations. How can you score even more savings? Host your party the week after Halloween, when everything holiday-related goes on sale. Who doesn’t love half-priced candy?!

Don’t get scared alone! Looking for a thrill? Check with haunted houses or attractions in your area to see if they offer group rates. Many places will offer discounts if you come with 10 or more friends. *Helpful hint: Beat the crowds by going on a Thursday or Sunday instead of a Friday or Saturday (depending on individual hours of operation).

Don’t let Halloween trick your budget, treat yourself to savings instead! How can you cut back on any extra costs this month?