How-to Keep Your New Year’s Finance Resolution

Spend less. Save more. Get out of debt.

Financial resolutions are some of the most common promises we make to ourselves at New Year s. It s a great feeling to be in control of your finances and debt free with a healthy savings account. But having that stability takes more than a resolution to save more sealed with a champagne toast. Many resolutions don t make it past the first week of the new year.

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5 Last Minute Gift Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

If you ve left your shopping for the last minute, there s no need to panic. You can get out of this pickle easily with a card and cash. But if you don t want to give cash, you still have many budget-friendly options (yes, even if it s Christmas Eve). Choose any of these five ideas or use them as a jumping off point to inspire your own creative gift solution.

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10 Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

A great Christmas gift doesn t have to cost a lot of money. It s easy to get swept up in buying craze of the season and feel pressured to fork over a lot of money for video games, fancy candy, hefty gift baskets, or the latest techie gadget, but for just a few dollars and with a bit of time you can make meaningful gifts that are sure to bring smiles. Try one or more of these ten ideas to accomplish your holiday gift giving frugally and thoughtfully.

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Make A List and Check it Twice – Holiday Budgeting

This is part two of a four part series on holiday budgeting. Part 1, Eight Ways to Save Money for Christmas for tips on finding cash to fill out your budget.

The key to successful holiday spending debt-free is knowing how much you have to spend and carefully allocating those dollars to the things you most want to do or give. Use these four steps to plan an accurate, affordable, and pleasing holiday budget.

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Cash in Your Closet – Trade in Your Clothes

Open your closet door. What do you see? A favorite dress, some nice shirts, your shoes, a few random items you shoved in there to get out of the way, and a few items that don t really fit or you don t really like but they ve just been hanging there so long you re used to them? That s what my closet looks like anyway or it did until I cleaned it out for cash.

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