Get Festive For Fall: Decorating On A Dime

Fall is one of my favorite seasons for so many reasons! I love the cool, crisp air and the colors of the changing leaves. So many sights and smells of the season remind me of my childhood and so many happy memories I share with my family. My mom would kind of transform our house when the seasons changed, and it felt so cozy to be snuggled up inside amongst warm, autumn colors with the smell of apple pie in the oven. I try to recreate some of these memories with my husband in our new home. While it’ll never be quite the same, I enjoy putting my own spin on some of my mom’s traditions, and I’m excited to make our new space just as comfortable. Sprucing up the space sometimes poses a challenge to my monthly budget. Right now, I’m able to pull from savings that I’ve already set aside for things like this, but I thought I’d share some of my favorite tips for decorating for cheap and spending less on seasonal items. You can apply them to just about any time of year!

Add a little at a time. It was a little rough starting with a blank slate, but don’t feel like you need to fill every space right away. I’ve found that by making purchases here and there with a theme or idea in mind, I’ve accumulated quite a collection over the years that my mother would be proud of!

Shop around for deals and discounts. Craft and department stores often offer great deals on seasonal items, especially right after one has ended. Look for discounts to make purchases you can put away for next year.

Think of functionality. Think of items you can get the most use out of. Instead of stocking up on decorations for Halloween and Christmas, why not go with more seasonal items for fall and winter? They won’t need to be put away as quickly, so you can enjoy the ambiance a little longer. I tend to feel a bit down after holidays wrap up, so I always thought it was a nice way to help them linger a little longer.

DIY. This sometimes takes a little time and patience, but often ends up being way worth it! I often love handmade items way more than things I’ve found in stores, not just because I’m proud of what I did, but also because I can taylor projects to fit exactly what I have in mind.

Invest in quality. This might initially seem counterproductive, but sometimes it’s worth it to spend more up front if you’re getting something of higher quality that will last for years. Take the time to care for it and store it properly, and you’ll get your money’s worth over time.

Do you like to change your home up when the seasons change? Why or why not?