Feature Friday: How to Make the New Work Like the Old

This week we rolled out a new feature for BudgetSimple that was a long time in the making, “Defined Categories”. Defined categories are categories that BudgetSimple understands, so when you categorize something as Entertainment:Restaurants/Dining, soon we’ll be able to analyze how much you eat out vs spend on rent. In the old way, you could type whatever you want and the best we could do is guess.

I’ve heard from a few of you that you miss the old way, and I totally understand you have a specific way of doing things. That’s one of the things that makes BudgetSimple great, it’s simple yet flexible. Knowing this, the new system is still defined to let you name categories whatever you want. Here’s how.

Say you don’t like the idea of our generic category called Debt:Credit Card Payments:

Categorization of Credit Cards

You have three credit cards and want to break out the specifics! No problem.

In that same menu of Debt, you can “Add New Subcategory…”. If you click that, you’ll get a new text box, where you can name the category anything you want:


Now your category will still be what you want, but classified under Debt to help us understand what type of expense it is.

Post Naming