Celebrate and Save: 6 Ways to Welcome the New Year for Cheap

It’s finally time to say goodbye to 2015! I’ll remember this year as being full of surprises – we traveled to some amazing places, bought our first house, and found out we’ll be adding to our family in early 2016. While I have much to look back on and feel grateful for, I can’t wait to see what next year has in store for us. So why not send this year out with a bang? We’ve always kept this holiday pretty low-key, so I’d like to think it’s proof that you can celebrate without spending a fortune. Check out some ideas below if you’re in search of ways to count down the clock on a budget…

1. Stay in. Some people like to go out and celebrate with dinner, drinks, and parties. I actually prefer to stay at home instead. Our family has a tradition of gathering at our aunt’s house for a potluck, and everyone contributes something, which divides up the cost AND work time. It’s also a great way to avoid the extra stress of the crowds sure to flood local hot spots.

2. Get a head start. A holiday or celebration is often an excuse for overinflated prices at restaurants and clubs. Head out early to not only beat the crowds, but to avoid an upcharge on your beverage, meal, or even admittance to your favorite bar. Watch the ball drop from the comfort of your own home afterwards instead.

3. Look for specials. It seems a little like the opposite of what was mentioned in Tip #2 above, but there are some reasonable specials out there that will save you money if you must spend it, so keep your eyes open. Opt for drink specials instead of pricey champagne, and look for any packages that might include dinner or appetizers for a minimal or no additional charge.

4. Stay local. It’s always been a dream of mine to spend at least one New Year’s Even in Times Square, but have you ever researched that? Rooms anywhere near the vicinity go for THOUSANDS of dollars, and you have to book months, if not a year in advance! Save yourself the traveling costs (and the aggravation) and look for ways to celebrate around your hometown.

5. Share your party attire. Headed out for the night and looking for something swanky to wear? If you’d rather not recycle something from your own closet, browse through a friend’s! Avoid wasting money on an outfit you’re likely to wear once, maybe twice.

6. Split the cost. Travel as a group and share your food and drink costs. If you’re attending a more formal event, check ahead and see if you can get group tickets at a discounted rate.

How do you like to ring in the new year?