The Story Behind BudgetSimple

About BudgetSimple

This site was created because I once had thousands of dollars of credit debt, zero savings, and even less hope. I give credit to one thing for my current debt free state: an Excel spreadsheet my girlfriend created for me. Using this spreadsheet let me understand where my money was going, and what I could cut to make ends meet. Within two years I had no debt and ample savings.

BudgetSimple is a free, easy to use online budget for your family, based on that original spreadsheet and the lessons I learned. It will help you find out where your money is going, and the best way to cut unnecessary expenses.

After using this plan for the last ten years, I have no credit debt and no student loan debt, I own a home, I have a fully funded retirement account, and I finally have true financial freedom.

Hundreds of thousands of people have signed up and began to understand their finances with BudgetSimple, and I expect you will have this same success if you follow the BudgetSimple plan.

What started as a basic “Excel sheet in the cloud” has evolved to become an automated financial advisor. Our goal is to provide valuable, actionable, non-biased personal finance software for everyone. BudgetSimple can link to your bank accounts and give you a complete picture of your finances.

Here’s our top 5 priorities:

  • Security – Your security is the #1 concern. Read more about our security and how your private data is treated.
  • Customer Service – Every email is read and responded to, usually within minutes. We strive for the fastest, most helpful response. Always from a real person who works on the product in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Trust – Whenever we give advice, recommendations or anything else, we vet the products or use them ourselves. We’ll never sell you out for a quick buck.
  • Your Finances First – We always want to offer a free version for those in debt, and money-back guaranteed value for those who choose our paid version.
  • Quality – While no software is bug free, we try to fix any problems as quickly as possible.